Who funds us?

Labour for a People’s Vote is an independent campaign run by our staff, advisory board and members with the sole goals of gaining a radical Labour Government and stopping the Tories’ plan to use Brexit to turn Britain into a low tax, low regulation, low security country.

We are grateful to have received funding from the following partner organisations.

All have given funding with no strings attached.


Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust


The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd is a limited company, paying tax on its income, which makes grants for political, campaigning or lobbying purposes that are ineligible for charitable funding.

They seek to bring about significant changes in the political system, making it more accountable, democratic and transparent and to rebalance power for the well-being of society.


Best for Britain


Best for Britain is a group of campaigners, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and citizens from across our country who have come together with one single mission: to oppose and stop Brexit through a transparent democratic process. Their strategy depends on convincing people – and especially young people – to become actively engaged in the Brexit debate and to mobilise others.


Hope not Hate


The Hope not Hate campaign was founded in 2004 to provide a positive antidote to the politics of hate. From Burnley to Bradford, Oldham to Sandwell, Hope not Hate has worked tirelessly on the ground with local people to defeat the politics of hate. Hope not Hate has become one of the largest and most successful political action groups in the country.

Our supporters

Our generous supporters who, like us, want to see the election of a radical Labour Government and an end to the Tories’ Brexit plan, have donated money to help us continue to campaign in every region of the country.

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