Labour for a People’s Vote needs your support…


Polls show that 90% of Labour Party members want a people’s vote. That vote must have the option to Remain. We cannot throw jobs, public services and workers' rights under the bus.

In the summer we sent over 150 CLP motions to party conference to demand a public vote on the Brexit deal - a record number. Conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion rejecting the Tories' Brexit. Delegates and unions listened - but are our MPs?

We need to tell our Labour MPs that we want them to vote against the Tory deal and for a people's vote. They cannot be allowed to sleepwalk into supporting this Tory Government’s Brexit for a ‘quiet life’.

We need your help to reach MPs across the country - to work with grassroots Labour members and trade unions to tell our MPs to get behind a public vote and vote agains the Tory deal. 

We also need your help to expand our team of organisers
- to take our campaign to the public - explaining what Brexit would mean for their community, family and livelihood.