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Labour for a People's Vote is a grassroots campaign run by Labour members across the UK.

We are proud supporters of the Labour Party. The election of a radical Labour government, to deliver a future of hope, solidarity and equality, is our first priority.

For the political and economic elite, the consequences of Brexit might seem like a game. But as trade unionists, and activists and politicians of the left, we know the impact that a bad deal will have on the people and communities we represent. The Conservatives have no mandate to tear up our rights and freedoms, or to drive our economy off the edge of a cliff, yet that is what their Brexit plans would lead to.

We believe that the Brexit currently being negotiated by Theresa May is a threat to jobs, to peace in Northern Ireland and the future of our NHS and public services. If a Brexit deal is signed which wrecks the British economy, binds us to a future of risky trade deals and American-style deregulation, and irreversibly undermines the rights, freedoms and protections currently enshrined in EU law, a new Labour government will be unable to deliver on its promises.

We do not believe that membership of the EEA offers a viable way forward. While it may offer short term stability it is not tenable for the UK to be a rule taker with no seat at the top table. We would also lose vital international cooperation in a number of areas.

We are therefore coming together to urge the movement of which we are a part to oppose the Tories’ destructive Brexit and unite the country behind a radical and hopeful vision for the future. In government, Labour could rally left-wing parties across the continent and create a Europe fit for the many.

Only by holding a popular vote on the terms of the deal can we move on from the mess of the Brexit process and get on with building a better society. Any other outcome will lack democratic legitimacy, drag out the process, and leave us poorer in every sense of the word. The people must have a final say.

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