10th November: National Day of Action for a People's Vote

On Saturday 10th November, we are joining a coalition of campaigning groups and organisations, (including Hope not Hate and the TSSA union) in coordinating action across the country calling for a People's Vote.

Theresa May will soon be bringing her Brexit deal to Parliament. MPs will be voting on this deal and their decision will have consequences for Britain for decades to come. Before they vote, we want to make sure that they hear the message of Labour people loud and clear - we are opposed to Brexit in any shape or form for the damage it would wreck on our country, and we want a People's Vote on the matter with the option to remain in the EU.

At Party Conference in Liverpool, working with 150 Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) we secured overwhelming support and achieved huge success with our composite motion opposing Tory Brexit. We shaped Party policy and Labour MPs must conform to that policy - which now explicitly keeps the option of a People's Vote on the table. Ensuring that May's deal is voted down is essential to winning this People's Vote and keeping Britain in the EU.

On Saturday 10th November, we will be out on the streets doing leafletting, knocking on doors, running stalls and spreading the word about a People's Vote.

Check out our 'events' page where you can find details of sessions you can join.

We will be doing many more events of this kind in the coming weeks. Check back with us to find out how you can join and get in touch to get hold of materialH

Mike Buckley