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The Tories think they can take away people’s rights, livelihoods and futures - only Labour can stop them in their tracks.  We need you to join our network of activists and organisers across the country in speaking to voters and winning hearts and minds. 

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We’re speaking to voters in every part of the country to explain why Brexit would harm their families and communities. Join our ground team in your area to make the case against Tory Brexit and for a Labour government. Get in touch via the following regional contacts:

East - Rob Sanderson (

East Midlands - Lee Holland (

London - Georgie Lamming (

North East - Benj Eckford (

North West - (

Scotland - Johnney Rhodes (

South East - (

South West - (

Wales - Daryl Gordon (

West Midlands - Cory Hazlehurst ( and Gary Fowles (

Yorkshire - Ed Maltby (

CLP motion

Over the summer we submitted over 150 Contemporary Motions to Labour Conference denouncing Tory Brexit and calling for Labour to oppose Tory Brexit. 

Now we need to work with the party to ensure that the Tory deal is voted down, a general election is called for and - in the event that there is no election - a public vote is called. 

Submitting our CLP motion helps keep up the pressure on the party and builds the case for a People’s Vote.

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We need your help to take our campaign to the public - explaining what Brexit would mean for their communities, families and livelihoods. Every donation helps us pay for regional organisers, leaflets and events, changing public opinion and taking us closer to a People’s Vote.