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Public Events

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Leeds: Winning a People's Vote in the North

Saturday 9 March

We are closer than ever to holding a second referendum on Brexit vs our membership of the European Union.

Many voters in the North voted for Brexit - believing that it represented the best choice for them, their families and their communities.

Join us for this half day conference to discuss how we change public opinion in the North, and how we create hope for a better political, economic future than that offered by Theresa May's Tory Brexit.

As well as a keynote speaker and panel discussion we will have workshops led by experienced campaigners, looking at how we can persuade 2016 Leave and non-voters that our best future lies in the EU.

We will be joined by:

Alex Sobel MP, Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, Linda McAvan MEP, Richard Corbett MEP, Mike Buckley (Labour for a People's Vote), Richard Wilson (Leeds for Europe)

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Manchester: Winning a Public Vote in the North

Sunday 10 March

Join Kate Green MP, Chris Matheson MP and Mike Buckley (Labour for a People’s Vote) in Manchester on Sunday March 10th to discuss how to get and win a public vote on Brexit.

Days before the next parliamentary vote on May's disastrous deal it's time to get involved.

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