Labour for a People’s Vote briefings, conference motions and policy statements are below.


Never mind the backstop

10 reasons why Labour MPs should vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal.


Statement from Labour mps

Statement from 71 Labour MPs and 13 MEPs, 16 January 2019

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Left Eu strategy and policy commission

In January 2019 Ann Pettifor, Manuel Cortes, Mike Buckley and others launched a new commission to determine a left wing Remain and Reform agenda for the Labour Party and others on the left to adopt.

Download our statement, our model resolution and our launch press release.

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Emergency motion: Stop the tories and no deal brexit

December 2018

We urge all Labour MPs to support a public vote at the earliest opportunity and where necessary work to build cross-party numbers to achieve this objective.

What is an Emergency Motion & how do I table one?

Click on the download link below for guidance on how to table our motion

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Brexit: What happens next?

November 2018

After voting down May’s deal, what happens next in Parliament and beyond?

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brexit: what next? summary

November 2018

Summary of our What Happens Next briefing.

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Polling of 41 Labour marginals by ICM showed that Labour would lose all but one if it failed to back a People’s Vote.


New poll: Young people want a People’s Vote by more than three to one