Labour for a People's Vote is a grassroots campaign run by Labour members across the UK.

We believe that it is too late to fix Tory Brexit. We must judge their planned deal as it stands.

The Tories’ Brexit agenda is an attack on the rights, freedoms and livelihoods of working class people and the communities Labour is supposed to represent. It is an attempt to further deregulate the British economy, while scrapping crucial protections for workers, the environment and human rights.

Unless they are stopped, the Tories will throw our jobs, NHS and public services under the bus in the name of profit and right wing nationalism.

Labour has said it will vote against the Tory Brexit deal when it comes to parliament in autumn, assuming it fails the 6 tests. But what happens next? The public are increasingly sceptical of the Tories’ ability to negotiate a good deal. The Tories will never agree to a general election – but Labour could demonstrate our democratic principles by leading the call for a people's vote on their deal.

Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour has become one of the biggest and most engaged parties in Europe. We are on the verge of winning a radical Labour government capable of rebuilding and transforming Britain so that no one and no community is left behind.

But this will be so much more difficult if Tory Brexit goes ahead - with public finances hit hard, our rights and democracy undermined, and a narrative of anti-migrant scapegoating reinforced.

Stopping Tory Brexit is vital for the prospects of the radical Labour government we need – both getting it elected and enabling it to succeed when in office.

Labour is a democratic party, and we have a right and a duty to put forward an alternative to Tory Brexit.

To do your bit: